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I choose the animals

December 27, 2012

After a frustrating night of wondering why some people and rescues are so militantly opposed to the life saving No Kill Equation, as well as questioning myself about whether I’m going about my advocacy in the wrong way, I woke up to see my poem and picture republished in one of my favorite cat-related blogs, The Conscious Cat.

Seeing the post brought me back to myself. I KNOW that I’m doing the right thing. This isn’t about ME. This is about “This Cat,” “This Dog,” “This Bird,” etc. This is about SAVING LIVES.

No Kill is NOT something that’s on the horizon, nor is it an idealistic dream that might happen on some unknown date in the future. It’s happening RIGHT NOW across our country, in 86 communities, and the list continues to grow.

Seeing the Conscious Cat blog post truly is THE best Christmas present. This gift reminds me that I AM doing the right thing, that life saving IS possible, and that Indianapolis–and ALL communities–WILL achieve No Kill! The sooner the naysayers and the shelter apologists understand this, and get on board with us, the better off our animals will be!

This is why I support the No Kill Equation. This is why I have chosen to go back to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control to work with the cats by doing feline kennel enrichment as an IACC volunteer and, hopefully, as a Casa del Toro volunteer as well. Because I am in this for all of the “This Cat” kitties who need care and love and a chance at a new life outside of the shelter.

Maybe I’m fanatical. Maybe I’m idealistic. But I choose to SAVE LIVES! For me, this is a no brainer. I see this issue as very black and white. I see a kill side and a no kill side. I am choosing No Kill. I am choosing the ANIMALS. What are YOU choosing?

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